Mahindra e2o T2 and thoughts of alternatives

Launched in 2013 with approximate price at 5.72 lacs, many of us would have been aware of its design, performance, ride and handling, running and maintenance cost. It is totally new with more enhanced features and for some people Reva is still the best.
There is a question, why the cars is very costly which has only a battery and a dc motor as its prime mover compared with other gasoline cars which has thousands of precision machine parts which is available at lower costs. It is questionable about its running cost at 50 paise and people are not aware of its maintenance cost like battery, etc.
There are satisfied people who are running old Reva model for almost ten years and feel affordable and handy about it. Will E2O match the merits of the Reva old model except a few cosmetic touches to the interiors?

Indians are willing to contribute towards the environment by adopting electric cars, but are out of choice to afford this high price from middle class families. Customers are expecting pricing factor offered by the company which may be able to reach the pocket of common man. One of the success stories is the case of Tata Nano which had a vision for both the customer and seller of that particular segment of car market.