2015 Audi A2 Gets And Plug-in Hybrid Electric And Options

It is no secret itself, which Audi has always been a car manufacturer ambitious and well known and is located at the top of the luxury car brand in the world for decades. Currently, the automaker plans to add production line includes 42 different models by the end of 2015. When the end of this year we are going to see changes and modifications of the models is generally tied to a Q3 SUV for a compact. We are well aware that the model is a 2012 Audi A6 which was inaugurated recently.

Audi is a process to move forward to become the successor of track A2 hatchback offers all aluminum and has been found recently. This is the best news so far to get into electric cars, with additional options for the plug-in electric and hybrid drive-train. As with the previous generation of the A2, which was sold between 1999-2005, is now available rather high and the practice shows that the condition of the production line A1 and A3. Building a car is constructed of aluminum, which is not covered body on the stage. This is done so that the price is reasonable, and thus can avoid the biggest questions is marked "predecessor expensive."

Audi will use modular Querbaukaste was developed from MKVII Volkswagen Golf and was therefore destined to spawn in order to accommodate other models of the next generation, such as A2 and A3 and Audi. The low cost and flexible platform will help the laying of the plug and hybrid drive-train.

The electronic version of the Audi A2 provides a range of 150 miles on one charge of production and between 75-110 horsepower. three-cylinder engine is available in plug in hybrid model, either diesel or gasoline, a range of 40-60 kilometers. So get ready to drive the Audi A2 full value of the funds will soon be available by 2015.

Dodge Durango Hybrid – Most Hunted Full-sized Vehicle

Dodge Durango Hybrid is the quintessential, hard play, hard work and what we can expect from the SUV that fills 13 mpg vehicles, a smarter way to leave the park. To avoid the dilemma of the Durango hybrid is rated fuel economy to 19 on the highway and 18 in the city. This means that there is an improvement in the city 40 percent and the road with a 5 percent compared to gasoline models Hemi engine. Toady more demand for hybrid cars and is gaining popularity in regard to fuel economy.

Hybrid cars are very useful when it comes to saving the environment because they help to reduce car emissions, which release toxic gases. Dodge Durango Hybrid is a full-size SUV with three rows of seats, which can occupy a room for eight people with a towing capacity of 6, 000 pounds. Durango Hybrid has several safety features include side curtain airbags half, ABS brakes, stability control systems, rear backup camera with a trailer sway control and traction control. You can also use other options such as heated front seats and a navigation system.

To provide fuel consumption very Durango hybrid engine meets to provide an automatic transmission with electric hybrid propulsion system. To charge the battery so far there is no such need any other special gases in the system. The vehicle itself is simple when you run the car non-hybrid SUV.

Dodge Durango Hybrid fits the vehicle without involving extensive damage using 300-volt battery and is also without making the seat backs. The dashboard includes gauges to monitor energy efficiency. The special model hides most of the money on gas, easily hauls equipment cool, comfortable and spacious which is good enough for the earth.

The 2009 Durango Hybrid is a light version and is capable of power and is robust in different directions. The production of hybrid Durango offers stunning performance that makes you feel good while driving. The Chrysler is another who made his debut as Durango was introduced in the market, but now they are discontinued models, while Durango is still ongoing with the booming market.