How The Indians Cheated The Organized Systems – Story: 2

Here is the second story on how the Indians cheated the well-organized system. Here the victim is our National Giant Banker, yes State Bank of India. To attract and grab more money from customers, they played a trick by promoting a mobile banking scheme. Below is the advertisement for understanding:
Any funds transfer transaction of Rs.5000 /- and above through MBS will be eligible for the Cash Back.
The incentives proposed are as under:
a) Rs.5/- per funds transfer transaction of Rs.5,000/- or above
b) A quarterly bonus of Rs.100/- to the top 100 customers doing the maximum number of transactions. This is subject to the condition that the customer does more than 10 transactions for Rs.5,000/- or above in the quarter. Click here to see the full advertisement.
Who did what here? People found a loophole in this Mobile Banking Service scheme.
Four guys (A, B, C and D) would sit down with their mobile phones. A would transfer 5000 to B, B would transfer that 5000 to C, C would transfer 5000 to D and D would transfer that 5000 back to A’s original account. After each cycle they are richer by Rs. 20. They kept doing this multiple times a day for a few days until the Bank realized the flaw and puts a check on it, but until then people managed to make a hefty sum out of this loophole. Interesting, isn’t it. I heard from a friend, finally I got the page, interested people have look at this Amardeep’s Page.

How The Indians Cheated The Organized Systems – Story: 1

People love to look quickly and furtively at something which is newly introduced to them and plays with that till they are satisfied with their intelligence to use it for good or bad. Here are some examples on a normal Indians proved themselves how intelligent they are by playing with the well-organized system or process. Here, it is all about saving the money with loop-holes in the systems.
Flipkart’s Free Shipping Below Minimum Purchase: The largest online shop Flipkart offers free shipping to customers only if the purchased products are above the value of Rs.300.00/-. Otherwise, customer has to pay Rs 30/- for delivery charges.

People found a method to technically cheat Flipkart and the glitch is that Flipkart never ships multiple products together in one single shipment. If a customer has bought product value more than a total of Rs.300.00/-, they were eligible to get free shipping, but products always arrived individually. Some customer identified this loophole and devised a concept by ordering what is important to them which is below Rs. 300.00/- and merged it with an unwanted or not-in-stock order, so that the total amount in the cart exceeded Rs. 300.00/. We know Flipkart is very fast on delivery and the most important product to us is delivered immediately while for the other product it takes time for delivery. The glitch identified to fraud the Flipkart system is if the unwanted or less priority product is cancelled by the customer after receiving the first product, Flipkart system refunds the money of the cancelled product without considering the extra delivery charge if the whole purchased item is less than Rs. 300.00/-. Just try your luck, if you’re interested!

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