How To Get Online Donation Button In PayPal For India?

Most of us would have tried for some causes to get online donation from known relatives or friends or like-minded people who are interested to fund either in India or from outside India. I tried the same for one of my causes and was trying to raise fund from

After writing my article about my cause to get funding, Gofundme was oftenly showing that “your PayPal account is not verified”. Even though, my PayPal account is a premier and verified one and after trying many times, I got the same reply.

Leaving Gofundme to go out of my way, I tried alternatively to have a PayPal Donation Button for my blog. I know everyone will get this inside Merchant Services tab. I was dazed to see that the PayPal donation button option was not there. Called the PayPal customer care number 1-800-212-3852 and the answer were as expected “being in India or to India, you can’t get Donation Button or Donation in PayPal”. I hope this will help my fellow bloggers who may have tried or wasting their time for trying to get Donation Button in India or alternatively have tried like Gofundme!