Year End Payment from XM Partner’s pipaffiliates

Now-a-days, I’m tempted and challenged by friends about the hobby online earnings. Long back, I got myself out of this entertaining hobby as I’m not getting time to contribute for this activity and hunt for good affiliates or other payouts like Google AdSense. Five years ago I lost my AdSense, and thereafter I reduced my blogging activity.
I came across trading-point now called as xemarkets or XM. I signed for its affiliates in xm partner’s  pipaffiliates. Did some tweaking to my old blog and lo here is the genuine payments from xm partners for my blog fans satisfaction.

And here is my earning proof for your satisfaction:

My current Account Manager is Kimberley Khela and can be contacted for her assistance with this mail ID: Please, drop me a comment to hear more about it. If anyone interested to join through my affiliate, here is the link: