Mobile Phone For Senior People: Micromax x097

I was searching for a mobile phone for my mom who can’t use the easy touch technology smart phone. She is addict to the old Nokia 1100 phones for its easy use. I wanted to replace the old worn-out Nokia with an alternative replacement for easy to use phone for elder persons.
I searched online for the best alternative to Nokia 1100 mobile phone and came across many phones which are out of choice. Finally, came across Micromax x097 phone, initially I was reluctant to buy online thinking that with the price in a small thousand, the piece will be very small with even smaller button.
Went to a local shop and asked for the same Micromax x097 and had a feel through the same I thought of purchasing. Yes, exactly it is the same phone which is better alternative to Nokia 1100 and will best suit to my mother.
The most important feature of this Micromax x097 is, it is having bigger button keypad which makes comfortable of older person when in use and this comes with cheaper price alternative to Just5, Aassan, Doro.
Below features the alternative and negatives of Micromax x097:
The phone is a Dual Sim with 4MB RAM with built-in Camera, FM Radio with recording with a TFT display size of 1.77 inches, 320 x 240 px. The memory card can support upto 16GB and 8GB in single slot. Like other phones it has GPRS & Bluetooth Connectivity and battery of 850mAh. The phone supports 500 entries for phone book, 200 entries for SMS and has data & connectivity with WP browser, Class 10 GPRS and v2 supported Bluetooth.
1. Bigger key pad
2. Hearing volume good enough when receive a call
2. Long battery life charge a day stay for 4 days - depend on usage
3. LED Torch good at night expect little more bright but OK overall
4. No signal missing or drop off
5. Once USB cable connect it prompts for options (USB-for data transfer, Web camera- for video chat with Skype or any IM that support, PC Connectivity, Charging)
1. Ring tone volume is Not on Mark not that loud is enough - mainly for hearing problem
2. No dedicate key for Camera & Bluetooth, can’t change the navigation key’s for applications
3. Small screen should display single line Icons and Contact names
4. No chance for icons to changes on home screen
5. SIM and SD card under Battery turn off to change SD card or sim's
6. No 3G, Wi-Fi or hands free

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