XM Brings Priority Instantly Withdrawing Service in Forex Market

Getting money from your Forex Broker is a headache problem and keep-on nagging to them to process the withdrawal. Many of my friends who are doing forex trading with the different brokers of the market will tell their headache stories.
I first started learning and trading with Trading-Point which is now what is called xemarkets or simply XM. For the past years may-be since 2009 end, I do trade with xm and they are consistently keep-on improving their systems from funding to withdrawing. I have withdrawn from xm many times, but it will take a week to see in my bank accounts. I know people like Jeet Singh, will directly place a priority mail to them and it will be processed soon.
Now the new thing the xm has brought apart from the contests are exactly what we wanted! It is a quick withdrawal policy and process whose extract from xm is below to make one understand:
Withdrawal of funds is only available to clients who have uploaded their supporting documents and had their trading account validated.
Clients log in to the secure XM Members Area to upload their supporting documents (proof of identity and proof of address) and once the clients’ trading account has been validated they will be able to withdraw funds from their trading account.
Instructions for Client Withdrawal:
  • Log in to the Members Area and click on the Withdrawals button.
  • Select the option according to how you wish to make a withdrawal.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and submit the request.
  • The requested amount will be automatically deducted from your trading account.
  • In order to protect all parties against fraud and comply with AML Directive DΙ144-2007-08 of 2012 of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and related EU regulations, XM will only process withdrawal/refunds back to the source of the original deposit according to the below Withdrawal Priority Procedure:
  1. Credit/Debit card withdrawals. Withdrawal requests submitted, regardless of chosen withdrawal method, will be processed via this channel to at least the total amount deposited via this method.
  2. E-wallet withdrawals. E-wallet refunds/withdrawals will be processed once all Credit/Debit card deposits have been completely refunded.
  3. Other Methods. All other methods such as bank wire withdrawals shall be used once deposits made with the above two methods have been completely exhausted.
  4. All withdrawal requests will be completed within 24 working hours; however all withdrawal requests submitted will be instantly reflected in the clients’ trading account as pending withdrawals.
  5. In case a client selects an incorrect withdrawal method, the clients’ request will be processed according to the Withdrawal Priority Procedure described above.
  6. All client withdrawal requests shall be processed in the currency in which the deposit was originally made. Should the deposit currency differ from the transfer currency, the transfer amount will be converted by XM into the transfer currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

Captcha Not Loading – Worrying you to troubleshoot?

Many internet users get irritated if they are doing some very important matters and in the meant time the captcha image is not loading. What will you do, if it is your case? It is simple; I’ll do a Google search on how to load captcha on that particular browser the steps to troubleshoot the problem do. Below is the extract I did for my internet explorer when I too had this kind of problems.
Turning on JavaScript

Internet Explorer - Verified through version 10
1.     Click Tools | Internet Options.
2.     Select the Security tab.
3.     Select the Internet icon.
4.     Click Custom Level.
5.     Scroll towards the bottom of the "Settings" list, under "Scripting."
6.     Under "Active scripting," click Enable.
7.     Be sure that the Security level is set to Medium or below.
8.     Click OK to save and close the Security Settings - "Internet Zone" dialog box.
9.     Click the OK button to close the "Internet Options" dialog box.
10.  Close and reopen Internet Explorer.
1.     Select Tools | Internet Options.
2.     Click Advanced.
3.     Under the "Settings" list, locate Multimedia.
4.     Check the checkbox for Show Pictures.
5.     Click OK.
6.     Restart your browser.
Internet Explorer
Version 9
1.     In Internet Explorer, select Tools | Manage Add-ons.
2.     Highlight the add-on you want to disable.
3.     Click Disable.
4.     Click OK.
5.     Close and restart Internet Explorer.
Version 8
1.     In Internet Explorer, select Tools | Internet Options.
2.     Click the Advanced tab.
3.     Under "Browsing," uncheck Enable third-party Internet browser extensions.
4.     Click OK.
5.     Close and restart Internet Explorer.