One Plus One India Launch - Advantage / Disadvantage / Service Centers

One Plus is a slim, multi-touch capacitive 5.5 inches with quite big screen to Read, browse internet and watch videos is more pleasing experience with 1080p high resolution screen. One can take sharp clear snaps with 13 MP auto-focus system having dual LED flash. The camera also supports 2160p @ 30fps UHD video recording. One plus has a 16 GB inbuilt memory to store large chunk of videos, audio, photos etc. It has 3 GB RAM which makes to run more applications faster in it Quad Core 2.5 Ghz processor.
One Plus supports 3G with faster download speed of 42 Mbps which gives a superior internet experience. This system supports WiFi, Wifi Hotspot, WiFi tethering and Bluetooth v4.1. NFC enables wireless payments through phone or can also connect two NFC enabled mobile phones just by touching them with each other. DLNA standard enables easy sharing of music, photos, and videos over WiFi or can stream video from your DLNA phone to a DLNA TV via WiFi.
One Plus One supports GPS, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer; video formats MP4, H.263, H.264, RMVB, FLV720P file and audio formats MP3, AAC, AMR, OGG, M4A, MID, WMA, FLAC, APE, AAC, WAV etc. file types.

The drawbacks are that, the phone weighs 162 g for a 5.5inch screen size. The phone does not have a FM radio and can’t connect it output to a TV. The phone comes with non-removable battery that means one cannot switch off phone by removing battery when the phone freezes. Also cannot replace the battery or use spare battery when battery performance is degraded. Also, the phone does not have memory card support to store more data. It is not clear, how many service centers are existing / there in India, the price of the phone assumed to be less than 20k.

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Mahindra e2o T2 and thoughts of alternatives

Launched in 2013 with approximate price at 5.72 lacs, many of us would have been aware of its design, performance, ride and handling, running and maintenance cost. It is totally new with more enhanced features and for some people Reva is still the best.
There is a question, why the cars is very costly which has only a battery and a dc motor as its prime mover compared with other gasoline cars which has thousands of precision machine parts which is available at lower costs. It is questionable about its running cost at 50 paise and people are not aware of its maintenance cost like battery, etc.
There are satisfied people who are running old Reva model for almost ten years and feel affordable and handy about it. Will E2O match the merits of the Reva old model except a few cosmetic touches to the interiors?

Indians are willing to contribute towards the environment by adopting electric cars, but are out of choice to afford this high price from middle class families. Customers are expecting pricing factor offered by the company which may be able to reach the pocket of common man. One of the success stories is the case of Tata Nano which had a vision for both the customer and seller of that particular segment of car market.

Mobile Phone For Senior People: Micromax x097

I was searching for a mobile phone for my mom who can’t use the easy touch technology smart phone. She is addict to the old Nokia 1100 phones for its easy use. I wanted to replace the old worn-out Nokia with an alternative replacement for easy to use phone for elder persons.
I searched online for the best alternative to Nokia 1100 mobile phone and came across many phones which are out of choice. Finally, came across Micromax x097 phone, initially I was reluctant to buy online thinking that with the price in a small thousand, the piece will be very small with even smaller button.
Went to a local shop and asked for the same Micromax x097 and had a feel through the same I thought of purchasing. Yes, exactly it is the same phone which is better alternative to Nokia 1100 and will best suit to my mother.
The most important feature of this Micromax x097 is, it is having bigger button keypad which makes comfortable of older person when in use and this comes with cheaper price alternative to Just5, Aassan, Doro.
Below features the alternative and negatives of Micromax x097:
The phone is a Dual Sim with 4MB RAM with built-in Camera, FM Radio with recording with a TFT display size of 1.77 inches, 320 x 240 px. The memory card can support upto 16GB and 8GB in single slot. Like other phones it has GPRS & Bluetooth Connectivity and battery of 850mAh. The phone supports 500 entries for phone book, 200 entries for SMS and has data & connectivity with WP browser, Class 10 GPRS and v2 supported Bluetooth.
1. Bigger key pad
2. Hearing volume good enough when receive a call
2. Long battery life charge a day stay for 4 days - depend on usage
3. LED Torch good at night expect little more bright but OK overall
4. No signal missing or drop off
5. Once USB cable connect it prompts for options (USB-for data transfer, Web camera- for video chat with Skype or any IM that support, PC Connectivity, Charging)
1. Ring tone volume is Not on Mark not that loud is enough - mainly for hearing problem
2. No dedicate key for Camera & Bluetooth, can’t change the navigation key’s for applications
3. Small screen should display single line Icons and Contact names
4. No chance for icons to changes on home screen
5. SIM and SD card under Battery turn off to change SD card or sim's
6. No 3G, Wi-Fi or hands free

Convert To Cash By Selling Old or Dead Laptop, Computer, Mobile Phone, Electronic Junk Gadgets

We are interested to get the best of the electronic gadgets to feel and show over superiority to others. On the other side, with course of time – even whatever the best of superior gadgets we have or had, become junk because either we want to switch to other to keep our superiority or the gadget itself becomes obsolete.

The more we have the obsolete or junk gadget we have, the more the frustration we get. Believe me, we get frustrated because we invested huge money to get a superior item and with the advancement of technology, we want to move further to superior, thus leaving the old system unused or it becomes junk.

I would like to share of what I came across online. There is a company called ReGlobe ( an Indian electronic recycling – refurbishing company which buys our junk electronic items at reasonable prices and offer the refurbished items and cheaper price as the best alternative choice to many.

If you have dead or old working or obsolete gadgets as junk, don’t worry, give a call to ReGlobe and try your best to deal with your prices. ReGlobe offers home pickup services for used laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc and pay cash instantly.

Below is the address or contact details of ReGlobe:

Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd
Office 425, 4th Floor, Tower B-3, Spaze I-Tech Park,
Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122 018., 9871680981, 0124-6599989

Rape of Customers in India

It is time to quit Airtel - Discounted tariff gone-up to Rs. 295 and the days are reduced from 90 to 70 days, 2G from 98 for 1GB for 30 days to Rs. 126 for 1GB for 28 days to now Rs. 149 for 28 is called systematic rape of customer by corporates and politicians.

Seems fuel cost will get reduce now and poli-corp (politicians & corporates) will try to concentrate on communication services.

Negatives and Alternatives to Moto E Launched in Flipkart

With the launch of the Moto E in flipkart, in just few hours, there were more than 250 reviews in flipkartitself. Many of the other technology blogs have given updates related to MotoE. I would like to give a short point on features missing on Moto E.
  1. No secondary camera in Moto E that means one won’t be having video calling, etc
  2. No flash on Moto E that means one has to take closer snap to enhance more on picture quality.
The price of Moto E on launch day in flipkart is Rs. 6999/- with the least EMI option of Rs. 626/-. It is sold by WS retail which gives additional offers as below:
Launch Day Offer :- Extra 50% off on a later purchase of a Transcend 8GB memory card View T&C
Launch Day Offer :- Free preselected eBooks worth Rs 1000 on downloading the Free Flipkart eBooks App View T&C
Launch Day Offer :- Extra 50% off on a later purchase of original Moto E back covers View T&C
The alternative mobiles phones for that price range I consider are Gionee P3, Micromax Canvas Juice A177, Lava Iris 406Q. All these mobile comes with 1GB RAM (except Gionee) with some features which may suit best as alternative to Moto E. Click here to compare these mobile phones.

Tamil Nadu Transport - Why particular motels?

An extract from FB........
Who cares for this? Recently I traveled to Madurai from Chennai State Express bus. In the bus, a young couple with a baby in arm occupied their seat behind me. Within minutes of leaving the bus, passengers started to fall asleep. Finding that almost all of the passengers asleep, the young couple, made arrangement to put the baby in the baby's mattress on the floor and put it to bed.

At a motel in the middle of the night when everyone was in a deep sleep (the restaurant along the road) the bus stops. There was a strong voice on the loudspeaker like a dabbagg-kuttu song screaming. However, like me, except for one or two passengers, one did not rise. The rest were all good sleep.

The motel guy was at the counter; he looked at one of the nearby bus and took an empty water can in his hands with loud voice he was banging the can all around the bus. The banging sound and his loud voice brought all asleep passengers to a shock and all were looking for whats’ happening. With the banging noise the baby lying on the floor started crying out loud, the parents were trying the best to calm the baby.

I got out of bus and thought of having a tea, when asked the price I got reply as "Fifteen rupees". With the cost, I changed my mind and went to buy biscuits than having a tea. I was shocked to see the biscuit wrapper, instead of milk-bikis for Britannia brand the wrapper is with same design read milk-pikis. I came to know that the biscuits were locally made and packed similar to original brand Britannia.
A young man was arguing with the bus driver asking why he was letting that motel guy to bang on all sides of the bus with his plastic tool, he was stating that when on road traffic, even for the smallest side crash the drivers will yell-out, but why he is remaining silent this time? He was asking to the driver, who gave authority to him to loudly bang on the sides of the bus and also disturbing all the passengers. He demanded a reply from driver and also wanted to give a police complaint. The driver smilingly replied “seen many guys like you, nothing works even with police”. Their argument drew all the passengers and finally the young man got onto the bus to peacefully.

On-boarding the bus and after settling down, I asked the conductor, “The food is available to you free of cost, so that you can play with the lives of passengers with low quality foods”. I started... have any individual rider to passenger such were roasted. Conductor was silent for some time, and began to talk. I know they sell overpriced low quality food; they sell fake products of all eatable items. He continued……even we don’t take food here other than a tea.  We were forced by transport department officers to stop on such and such a hotel. If we don’t abide their order, we receive penalty tickets and strong warning, may be they may have ties between the motel guy and the officers.

I was shocked to hear this and wanted to warn / share with friends who travel by bus of such a things happening. Please, share in all media that it is heared by the highest authority in Tamil Nadu to take severe action against the motel owner as well as the transport officers. - tamilvalam

Rental / Hiring Sewing Machine – Chennai / Vellore

Looking for sewing machines working in good conditions. In need of atleast  five (5) tailoring machine for rent in Chennai as well as in Vellore locality for training purpose. Duration may not be more than three (3) months. Interested person who can lend their sewing machines, please drop a message in comment section with your expected rent or conditions.