Modern Music Invented By Arab Muslim In Middle Ages Adopted By Western World

Was browsing and listening in the youtube and came across a suberb comment from a person called LYB Rebel as below.

Muslim-Arabs as usual were the true masters of modern music in the Middle Ages, They were geniuses to the point in which they enables integrating of phonology with musical instruments wave of sound using anatomy in order to understand the physical mechanism of human pronunciation! out of that they were able to identify human's vocal outputs with high accuracy as they invented many musical instruments such as guitar, drums, flute, Oud, zither and violin that have been developed by Westerners later on, all the system of melodic modes or the technique of improvisation that defines the pitches, patterns, and development of a piece of music are invented and developed by the Arabs, as well as the dance!, belly dancing is an Arab.
 Stereotype about Arab-Muslims because of the Western media gave a very bad idea about Arabs, (The technique of other's demonization). What a Shame!