Is a Scam?

The latest gossip on the internet news is and in the hot online earning market, many people are blindly registering for it. I just thought tp peep-out what our experienced blogger friends say: a few answer from my friends…..
A blogger friend confirms it as a scam. He has tried and got the 300.00 and the site is directed him to take a survey and once its completed it locks you out from the site and one cannot log back in. Its says that your username/password does not match......
Other response from my blogger friend who sent a mail to, below is the reply he got!
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].
The error that the other server returned was:
550 No Such User Here
I just tried to see what is posted in Western Union facebook page and say a friend Jozel Botolon already have asked the same question to which the Western Union has given a replay statement below:
“Western Union:  We suggest you research the company to avoid any potential fraud or scams. Western Union is designed for consumers to send money to their family & friends, not for internet purchases, goods or services. Thank you.”
I tried one more thing to get solid research reply from my blogger friend. A proud Pinoy Joven Gravanza has given his research making us to understand it as a SCAM. Here is his link
One more finding from me, or check my friends link and believe what you want!

Year End Payment from XM Partner’s pipaffiliates

Now-a-days, I’m tempted and challenged by friends about the hobby online earnings. Long back, I got myself out of this entertaining hobby as I’m not getting time to contribute for this activity and hunt for good affiliates or other payouts like Google AdSense. Five years ago I lost my AdSense, and thereafter I reduced my blogging activity.
I came across trading-point now called as xemarkets or XM. I signed for its affiliates in xm partner’s  pipaffiliates. Did some tweaking to my old blog and lo here is the genuine payments from xm partners for my blog fans satisfaction.

And here is my earning proof for your satisfaction:

My current Account Manager is Kimberley Khela and can be contacted for her assistance with this mail ID: Please, drop me a comment to hear more about it. If anyone interested to join through my affiliate, here is the link:

XM Brings Priority Instantly Withdrawing Service in Forex Market

Getting money from your Forex Broker is a headache problem and keep-on nagging to them to process the withdrawal. Many of my friends who are doing forex trading with the different brokers of the market will tell their headache stories.
I first started learning and trading with Trading-Point which is now what is called xemarkets or simply XM. For the past years may-be since 2009 end, I do trade with xm and they are consistently keep-on improving their systems from funding to withdrawing. I have withdrawn from xm many times, but it will take a week to see in my bank accounts. I know people like Jeet Singh, will directly place a priority mail to them and it will be processed soon.
Now the new thing the xm has brought apart from the contests are exactly what we wanted! It is a quick withdrawal policy and process whose extract from xm is below to make one understand:
Withdrawal of funds is only available to clients who have uploaded their supporting documents and had their trading account validated.
Clients log in to the secure XM Members Area to upload their supporting documents (proof of identity and proof of address) and once the clients’ trading account has been validated they will be able to withdraw funds from their trading account.
Instructions for Client Withdrawal:
  • Log in to the Members Area and click on the Withdrawals button.
  • Select the option according to how you wish to make a withdrawal.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and submit the request.
  • The requested amount will be automatically deducted from your trading account.
  • In order to protect all parties against fraud and comply with AML Directive DΙ144-2007-08 of 2012 of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and related EU regulations, XM will only process withdrawal/refunds back to the source of the original deposit according to the below Withdrawal Priority Procedure:
  1. Credit/Debit card withdrawals. Withdrawal requests submitted, regardless of chosen withdrawal method, will be processed via this channel to at least the total amount deposited via this method.
  2. E-wallet withdrawals. E-wallet refunds/withdrawals will be processed once all Credit/Debit card deposits have been completely refunded.
  3. Other Methods. All other methods such as bank wire withdrawals shall be used once deposits made with the above two methods have been completely exhausted.
  4. All withdrawal requests will be completed within 24 working hours; however all withdrawal requests submitted will be instantly reflected in the clients’ trading account as pending withdrawals.
  5. In case a client selects an incorrect withdrawal method, the clients’ request will be processed according to the Withdrawal Priority Procedure described above.
  6. All client withdrawal requests shall be processed in the currency in which the deposit was originally made. Should the deposit currency differ from the transfer currency, the transfer amount will be converted by XM into the transfer currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

Captcha Not Loading – Worrying you to troubleshoot?

Many internet users get irritated if they are doing some very important matters and in the meant time the captcha image is not loading. What will you do, if it is your case? It is simple; I’ll do a Google search on how to load captcha on that particular browser the steps to troubleshoot the problem do. Below is the extract I did for my internet explorer when I too had this kind of problems.
Turning on JavaScript

Internet Explorer - Verified through version 10
1.     Click Tools | Internet Options.
2.     Select the Security tab.
3.     Select the Internet icon.
4.     Click Custom Level.
5.     Scroll towards the bottom of the "Settings" list, under "Scripting."
6.     Under "Active scripting," click Enable.
7.     Be sure that the Security level is set to Medium or below.
8.     Click OK to save and close the Security Settings - "Internet Zone" dialog box.
9.     Click the OK button to close the "Internet Options" dialog box.
10.  Close and reopen Internet Explorer.
1.     Select Tools | Internet Options.
2.     Click Advanced.
3.     Under the "Settings" list, locate Multimedia.
4.     Check the checkbox for Show Pictures.
5.     Click OK.
6.     Restart your browser.
Internet Explorer
Version 9
1.     In Internet Explorer, select Tools | Manage Add-ons.
2.     Highlight the add-on you want to disable.
3.     Click Disable.
4.     Click OK.
5.     Close and restart Internet Explorer.
Version 8
1.     In Internet Explorer, select Tools | Internet Options.
2.     Click the Advanced tab.
3.     Under "Browsing," uncheck Enable third-party Internet browser extensions.
4.     Click OK.
5.     Close and restart Internet Explorer.

How The Indians Cheated The Organized Systems – Story: 2

Here is the second story on how the Indians cheated the well-organized system. Here the victim is our National Giant Banker, yes State Bank of India. To attract and grab more money from customers, they played a trick by promoting a mobile banking scheme. Below is the advertisement for understanding:
Any funds transfer transaction of Rs.5000 /- and above through MBS will be eligible for the Cash Back.
The incentives proposed are as under:
a) Rs.5/- per funds transfer transaction of Rs.5,000/- or above
b) A quarterly bonus of Rs.100/- to the top 100 customers doing the maximum number of transactions. This is subject to the condition that the customer does more than 10 transactions for Rs.5,000/- or above in the quarter. Click here to see the full advertisement.
Who did what here? People found a loophole in this Mobile Banking Service scheme.
Four guys (A, B, C and D) would sit down with their mobile phones. A would transfer 5000 to B, B would transfer that 5000 to C, C would transfer 5000 to D and D would transfer that 5000 back to A’s original account. After each cycle they are richer by Rs. 20. They kept doing this multiple times a day for a few days until the Bank realized the flaw and puts a check on it, but until then people managed to make a hefty sum out of this loophole. Interesting, isn’t it. I heard from a friend, finally I got the page, interested people have look at this Amardeep’s Page.

How The Indians Cheated The Organized Systems – Story: 1

People love to look quickly and furtively at something which is newly introduced to them and plays with that till they are satisfied with their intelligence to use it for good or bad. Here are some examples on a normal Indians proved themselves how intelligent they are by playing with the well-organized system or process. Here, it is all about saving the money with loop-holes in the systems.
Flipkart’s Free Shipping Below Minimum Purchase: The largest online shop Flipkart offers free shipping to customers only if the purchased products are above the value of Rs.300.00/-. Otherwise, customer has to pay Rs 30/- for delivery charges.

People found a method to technically cheat Flipkart and the glitch is that Flipkart never ships multiple products together in one single shipment. If a customer has bought product value more than a total of Rs.300.00/-, they were eligible to get free shipping, but products always arrived individually. Some customer identified this loophole and devised a concept by ordering what is important to them which is below Rs. 300.00/- and merged it with an unwanted or not-in-stock order, so that the total amount in the cart exceeded Rs. 300.00/. We know Flipkart is very fast on delivery and the most important product to us is delivered immediately while for the other product it takes time for delivery. The glitch identified to fraud the Flipkart system is if the unwanted or less priority product is cancelled by the customer after receiving the first product, Flipkart system refunds the money of the cancelled product without considering the extra delivery charge if the whole purchased item is less than Rs. 300.00/-. Just try your luck, if you’re interested!

Gionee P2 Smartphone - Chennai

Dear folks, I'm in need of Gionee P2 smartphone. I've searched the Chennai shops and could not find a single shop selling this model. Even, 18 days before I placed a purchase order to a supplier from Jaipur mobtop in Ebay India. Unfortunately, still I'm not able to receiving the phone.

I've lost my patience, it is now time to step into a physical shop in Chennai. Is there any supplier who is selling this phone here in Chennai Shops or can be delivered here at the spot?

Please, drop me a message till 21st November 2013 is my last deadline to get this phone in hand. It will be good, if I get with a flip cover for this Gionee P2 phone. 

Nexus 5 “Kitkat” from Google

Just in the news that Google unveiled its Nexus 5 smartphone, the newest of its own branded device for the latest version of its Android operating system.
The fervently anticipated is powered by a new "KitKat" version of Android, which was redesigned to work across the wide range of handsets built with the Internet titan's free software inside.
The Nexus 5 is available for purchase in 10 countries through Google's online Play shop, priced at $349 for a 16-gigabyte model and $399 for a version with 32 gigabytes of memory.
The move sets out to address the problem that the wide variety of Android systems being used around the world make it challenging for makers of fun, functional or hip smartphone or tablet apps to design programs that work on all devices.
Changes in KitKat included fine tuning it to work with the limited memory capacities of Android smartphones priced for markets in developing countries or other places where buyers are on tight budgets. Google has partnered with South Korean consumer electronics giant LG to make the Nexus 5 smartphone to showcase the prowess of KitKat. KitKat was released to handset makers to begin building their own smartphones using the software.

Favorite Airtel Extorting Money From Customers

Airtel has been associated with my family and personally me with its best of services. Now-a-days, it has become greedy in eating our money. If you want to call through your airtel numbers, you need to top-up with packages to reduce the calling rates like A2A @ 10p/min and A2O @ 30p/min. It is bad that all the members of the family need to top-up with booster pack of some Rs. 250 or Rs. 300.
Now the fraud airtel is extorting additional money as call connecting charges. It wants to charge Rs. 0.75 for first minute call even if the customer already activated the reduced call tariff. Seems time has come to kick-off this fraudsters eating our money from all the sides, better to look for the best service providers!

September 17th, 2013 - Banning Circular By RBI On Online Forex Trading in India for Individuals

Dear folks, recently I got a registered courier from my bank on Saturday the 5th of 2013 clearly addressed to me that the bank regularly monitors all the credit cards and online banking transactions and on one such instance, it had observed online foreign exchange transactions from my card.
The bank stated that under the purview of FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act), the intended to bring to my notice the following instructions as issued by the Reserve Bank of India vide its circular dated September 17, 2013.
1. Remittance in any form towards overseas foreign exchange trading (including through electronic / internet trading portals or by use of credit / debit cards) is strictly prohibited and accordingly, the customers are cautioned not to remit or deposit money or utilize credit / debit card for such transactions.
2. Further, any person resident in India collecting and effecting/remitting such payments directly/indirectly outside India would make himself/herself liable to be proceeded against with for contravention of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999 besides being liable for violation of regulations relating to Know Your Customer (KYC) norms/Anti Money Laundering (AML) standards.
3. Banks are required to report such prohibited overseas foreign exchange trading transactions on credit / debit cards to the Reserve Bank of India.
In consideration to the above points, it is the best to refrain from doing any online spot forex trading transactions directly / indirectly via Debit / Credit Cards, online bank transactions or through other persons. If you have made a large cash or if you’re worried to withdraw your just deposited money, it is not possible to get back because if you get any remittances from forex trading to your bank accounts or cards, your bank account / cards will be blocked. So, don’t try to get back the money to you banks or cards.

Beware of Bank Account and Password Stealing Internet Virus “Win32 / Ramnit”

A message from Country's cyber security sleuths to alert the internet users about a malware family called “Win32 / Ramnit” which is spreading widely in Indian cyberspace. This virus “Win32 / Ramnit” very smartly steals bank account details and passwords once the user clicks his online bank accounts.

Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) advisory said, “Win32 / Ramnit” worm spreads by infecting or changing files existing on target systems such as (.exe, .dll or html). The expert security advisory said, the malware steals credentials like file transfer protocol passwords, bank account logins, infects removable media, changes browser settings and downloads and executes arbitrary files". The virus is so deadly and potent that it hides itself from antivirus scanning and takes genuine system file names to escape antivirus screening.

The virus spreads very deadly and infects the removable media by copying itself to its recycle bin and creates autorun.inf file. As soon as the system is infected, the malware injects its code into windows executable, html files or dlls to communicate with its command and control server, thereby compromising the security of the online system.

The expert advisory advises to enable firewall at desktop and gateway level and disable ports which are not required. The best thing is to update the antivirus and anti-spyware of the desktop and other gateway level systems to protect from this deadly virus.

How To Get Online Donation Button In PayPal For India?

Most of us would have tried for some causes to get online donation from known relatives or friends or like-minded people who are interested to fund either in India or from outside India. I tried the same for one of my causes and was trying to raise fund from

After writing my article about my cause to get funding, Gofundme was oftenly showing that “your PayPal account is not verified”. Even though, my PayPal account is a premier and verified one and after trying many times, I got the same reply.

Leaving Gofundme to go out of my way, I tried alternatively to have a PayPal Donation Button for my blog. I know everyone will get this inside Merchant Services tab. I was dazed to see that the PayPal donation button option was not there. Called the PayPal customer care number 1-800-212-3852 and the answer were as expected “being in India or to India, you can’t get Donation Button or Donation in PayPal”. I hope this will help my fellow bloggers who may have tried or wasting their time for trying to get Donation Button in India or alternatively have tried like Gofundme!

Samsung S2 for Spare Parts

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II
Doing research have become my hobby and I work in many field from house keeping to electronics to unwanted mechanics. Currently, I’m looking for any screen damaged Samsung S2 GT i9100 with working condition motherboard.
If any of my blogger friends have this Samsung S2 GT i9100 model, ping your message in comment section so that I can get back to you!

Facebook voucher of USD 50, grab it now !

My dear fellow bloggers who do online marketing or want to generate leads through online, I have an offer for you.

I have USD 50 worth Facebook voucher / coupon code for advertising. If you are interested, you can use this coupon code to generate leads for your business in Facebook page.

This USD 50 vouchers ONLY apply for new Facebook ads account and that should be less than 14 days old and never used voucher before! Can be used ONCE per one account! Note: You only can use this voucher per ONE Facebook ads account using UNIQUE credit card.

Here is the first code: 31C9-5YHC-WRVH-2JEP

Please, drop a thank you message or comment if you’re lucky!

I will share other coupon codes one by one, if I get any lucky user used the above code and dropped a thank you message.

How to Hard Encode a PDF File in Excel Sheet

1. Open the Excel workbook, and switch to worksheet and highlight the cell where you want to insert the file.

2. In the menu bar or ribbon interface, click Insert.

3. Select Object.

4. A dialog window with two tabs, namely “Create New” and “Create From File” will be opened. Go to Create from File tab.

5. Click on Browse button and select the file to insert into the worksheet.

6. Select “Display as icon” option which will insert an icon that represents the content of the file into Excel workbook.

7. Click OK when done, and the file will be inserted into the Excel sheet.

8. To open the file, the user has to double click the file icon OR right click the file icon and select Acrobat Document Object – Open. Please allow security warnings if you get any.