Tamil Nadu Transport - Why particular motels?

An extract from FB........
Who cares for this? Recently I traveled to Madurai from Chennai State Express bus. In the bus, a young couple with a baby in arm occupied their seat behind me. Within minutes of leaving the bus, passengers started to fall asleep. Finding that almost all of the passengers asleep, the young couple, made arrangement to put the baby in the baby's mattress on the floor and put it to bed.

At a motel in the middle of the night when everyone was in a deep sleep (the restaurant along the road) the bus stops. There was a strong voice on the loudspeaker like a dabbagg-kuttu song screaming. However, like me, except for one or two passengers, one did not rise. The rest were all good sleep.

The motel guy was at the counter; he looked at one of the nearby bus and took an empty water can in his hands with loud voice he was banging the can all around the bus. The banging sound and his loud voice brought all asleep passengers to a shock and all were looking for whats’ happening. With the banging noise the baby lying on the floor started crying out loud, the parents were trying the best to calm the baby.

I got out of bus and thought of having a tea, when asked the price I got reply as "Fifteen rupees". With the cost, I changed my mind and went to buy biscuits than having a tea. I was shocked to see the biscuit wrapper, instead of milk-bikis for Britannia brand the wrapper is with same design read milk-pikis. I came to know that the biscuits were locally made and packed similar to original brand Britannia.
A young man was arguing with the bus driver asking why he was letting that motel guy to bang on all sides of the bus with his plastic tool, he was stating that when on road traffic, even for the smallest side crash the drivers will yell-out, but why he is remaining silent this time? He was asking to the driver, who gave authority to him to loudly bang on the sides of the bus and also disturbing all the passengers. He demanded a reply from driver and also wanted to give a police complaint. The driver smilingly replied “seen many guys like you, nothing works even with police”. Their argument drew all the passengers and finally the young man got onto the bus to peacefully.

On-boarding the bus and after settling down, I asked the conductor, “The food is available to you free of cost, so that you can play with the lives of passengers with low quality foods”. I started... have any individual rider to passenger such were roasted. Conductor was silent for some time, and began to talk. I know they sell overpriced low quality food; they sell fake products of all eatable items. He continued……even we don’t take food here other than a tea.  We were forced by transport department officers to stop on such and such a hotel. If we don’t abide their order, we receive penalty tickets and strong warning, may be they may have ties between the motel guy and the officers.

I was shocked to hear this and wanted to warn / share with friends who travel by bus of such a things happening. Please, share in all media that it is heared by the highest authority in Tamil Nadu to take severe action against the motel owner as well as the transport officers. - tamilvalam