How to reset / unlock mobile phone password!

One may be wondering on how to unlock their locked mobile phones. I was one of the person forgetting my phone lock password and hanged for around an hour to get out of it. Tried to go for some local mobile phone technician, but it was too late at the night hour. Just googled it and landed in bhatt's information to unlock it. I read all the comments and other information in Bhatt's site and checked with nfader and to my surprise, my phone password was reset in just a matter of time rather going and spending money to the mobile shops. If any body is hungry for information, then Bhastt's site will be very useful.....and a lot of thanks for Mr. Bhatt!
For how to reset / unlock micro SD card or memory card, read here:


sweetyy said...

Recently i used this site for unlocking the mobile & got nice solution ..
It worked out great ..

Vinisha said...

Great post with lots of really good information!

Unlock Mobile Phone